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The easiest way to create and manage AI prompt templates

Level up your prompt engineering skills with the latest language models and pro tooling.

Formulaic's Create View allows you to select from many open models.

Get started fast

Quickly create and test your prompts against the most popular foundation and open source language models. You can even compare multiple models at once!

Run your first Formula
The Formulation Create view shows a Formula to generate a poem, with a variable to inject a customisable theme for the poem.

Built-in templates and API

Prompt Formulas can contain multiple chained prompts and variables for flexible templating. Create and test your prompts on our web app, then call them directly from your applications via our API.

Learn more in our documentation
Two Formulas. A workshop Facilitation planner and a Workout planner

Stay current

Formulaic brings you the latest models and techniques, so you can learn by doing. Need inspiration? Browse our collection of open licensed reference prompts that you can use or remix.

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Create prompt templates with the latest models

Iterate and refine your prompts

Integrate seamlessly with your AI applications